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Park Rules

For your comfort and safety, everyone staying at or visiting our Parks must follow the rules below.


  • Guests and their visitors must observe the provisions of every law, agreement, sign or park rule made under any statute, and promptly comply with notices and directions given by any statutory or public authority, park manager or other authorised employee of the park owner relating to the site/cabin/park or the use of the site/cabin/park by the occupant.
  • Guests and/or their visitors must keep their site/cabin clean and tidy at all times in line with management standards. On departure, you are responsible for the proper removal of all rubbish and leaving the site/cabin in clean and tidy condition.
  • All sites (cabins, caravan and camping sites and holiday van sites) can only be occupied by registered persons. Before entering the park all guests and their visitors must register with the park office.
  • Check-in is from 2:00pm on the day of arrival and check-out before 10:00am on the day of departure. Arrivals and departures outside these times are subject to availability and applicable fees.
  • Guests should take care at all times and securely store personal items. The Park Owner and Park Management accept no responsibility for any loss, theft or damage that may occur to an occupant’s personal property and/or any personal injury that may occur while staying at the park.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for the children in their care and are required to suitably supervise their behaviour at all times.
  • Open fires and/or the lighting of solid fuel is prohibited within the park.


Vehicles and boom gates

  • All vehicles that enter the park must be registered, display registration plates, have compulsory third party insurance and be driven by a licenced driver. The use and/or storage of any unregistered motorised vehicle is prohibited within the park.
  • The boom gate access issued for a vehicle’s entry into the park is non-transferable, and tailgating is not permitted under any circumstances. Trespassing vehicles will be reported to the police.
  • Pedestrians have right of way at all times. In the interest of safety, the speed limit throughout the park must not exceed 8 kilometres per hour.
  • All vehicles must be parked within site boundaries or on designated parking areas at all times.
  • The washing of vehicles, boats or trailers is not permitted within the park.


Caravan and camp sites

  • Caravans, tents and alike must be erected within the boundaries of the caravan and camping site designated by Park Management, and be kept at least 2.5 meters from any other moveable dwelling or structure. Caravan draw bars must be set up to face the access road for easy removal in case of emergency.
  • Caravans are not permitted to stay on Camp Sites and no more than one caravan is permitted on a site at a time
  • Guests occupying powered sites are entitled to use only one power outlet per site booked. Only one continuous and uninterrupted 15 amp lead may be connected from the Park’s electrical supply outlets to a movable dwelling. The use of splitting devices and multiple adaptors is prohibited.
  • Movable dwellings on powered sites must be connected to a sullage point at all times. Grey water must not be allowed to run onto the road or sites.
  • The use of ground sheets made of cloth or open weave material is permitted. Guests using tarps or any other such ground cover will be required to move sites or remove tarps.

Dogs and pets

  • Dogs/pets are not allowed at Bulli and Windang Beach Tourist Parks at any time unless they are certified assistance animals.
  • Dogs/pets are permitted with pre-approval on designated pet-friendly sites only at Corrimal Beach Tourist Park.
  • See our Dog Friendly page or contact reception for more information.


  • Before 6:00pm, no more than four (4) day visitors are permitted on site free of charge or day use charges apply.
  • All day visitors must leave the park by 6:00pm, unless they have made an overnight booking with park reception or paid the applicable day use charge with the approval of Park management.
  • Visitors’ vehicles must be parked outside the park unless additional parking has been arranged with Park management and fees paid.

Bikes, scooters and skateboards

  • Helmets must be worn at all times when using bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades and alike.
  • Riding after dusk is not permitted within the park.
  • Bikes, scooters and skateboards are not to be ridden in or around the immediate vicinity of the Park’s amenity blocks, camp kitchen or reception.


  • Guests and their visitors must ensure all garbage and waste is securely placed in appropriate receptacles.
  • The disposal of any items not considered general household waste is strictly prohibited at the Park.

Noise and behaviour

  • Guests must vacate all common areas of the park before 10:00pm and contain noise to a reasonable level so as not to impact any other person.
  • Guests must not cause or permit any noise between 12:00am and 7:00am
  • Smoking is not permitted:
    • inside any structure (including cabins)
    • within 4 metres of a seated dining area; and/or
    • within 10 metres of children’s play equipment.

Length of stay

  • Please see the Booking Terms page for details of minimum and maximum lengths of stay.

Park property

  • Guests and/or their visitors must not intentionally or negligently cause or permit damage or destruction to a cabin, site or any park property.
  • Guests will be held liable for the costs associated with the repair, replacement or rectification of any damage caused.


  • Park management reserves the right to remove any guests and/or their visitors from the Park if they breach any law, agreement or Park rule and/or they are charged by the Police for committing an offence, and will not be permitted re-enter the tourist park unless accompanied by Police.
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