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To ensure the comfort and safety of all guests at Wollongong City Tourist Parks, we have developed guidelines and rules for caravan and camping site guests travelling with a dog/pet. It is a balanced approach and generally meets both the dog-owning and non-dog-owning community's needs. It requires that dog/pet owners are responsible, both legally and socially, for their dog/pet whilst within our Park.

Corrimal Beach Tourist Park is our sole pet-friendly park and welcomes guests and their dog/pet on a limited number of designated pet friendly caravan and camping sites and only during our off season (as defined by the Fees and Charges Schedule).

Perfect for the needs of dogs and dog owners, Corrimal Beach Tourist Park is located in close proximity to the East Corrimal Beach green off leash areas, (from Murray Road north to Bellambi Beach boat ramp and rock pool)

Corrimal Beach Tourist Park is also in close proximity to the orange time sharing area at Corrimal Beach. The orange area allows dogs on beaches on-leash only and only within certain times (i.e. in summer before 9.00 am and after 6pm and in winter before 9.00 am and after 4.00 pm). More details on Wollongong City Councils dogs on beaches and parks policy can be found here.

While at Corrimal Beach Tourist Park, the dog/pet must be on-leash at all times, the leash must not be more than 2 metres in length, the dog/pet must only occupy the allocated site and must not be left unattended. It is important to note that dogs/pets are not permitted in cabins or in ensuite caravan and camping sites, unless they are a certified assistance/service dog.

To book your stay with your dog/pet, please contact Corrimal Beach Tourist Park directly on 02 4285 5688.  Pre-approval by the Park is required, so bookings of this nature made online are not acceptable. Acceptance of a booking is at the discretion of the Park Supervisor, and the Park Supervisor reserves the right to withdraw approval when a booking is considered not to be in the best interests of the Park and other park patrons.

To complete your booking, the attached Dog/Pet Owner Agreement must be read, understood and signed by guest travelling with dog/pet. Guests must forward the signed Agreement to the Park prior to arrival, and will be asked to acknowledge the Agreement on arrival to the Park. Entry to the Park is conditional upon acceptance and adherence to the terms and conditions of the Dog/Pet Owner Agreement and the park managers final discretion.

Full details on our policy and pet agreement can be found here:

Dog and Pet Access in Tourist Parks - Management Policy.pdf

Pet Owner Agreement Version April 2019.pdf

Bulli Beach Tourist Park - Pets/dogs are not allowed.*

Windang Beach Tourist Park - Pets/dogs are not allowed.*

* Exemptions apply to certified assistance animals.